Are you trying to go it alone with a Gibsonton DUI charge? To ensure your freedom is protected it is best to hire a Gibsonton Dui attorney to help you through this serious offense. When you hire a qualified Gibsonton dui lawyer, the dui lawyer can help prepare a strong defense. The ability to prepare the best defense comes from your lawyer’s experience dealing with Gibsonton DUI cases. To get the best dui attorney Gibsonton residents will want to work with experienced counsel. The more experience your dui attorney in Gibsonton has, the more qualified the attorney is to protect you.
When considering which dui lawyer Gibsonton arrestees should hire, it is important to understand what consequences you face with your Gibsonton DUI charge:
For your first offense there is a minimum license suspension of six months. There is a minimum of 50 hours of community service that must be imposed. If your blow was under a .15 then you face a maximum jail sentence of 6 months. It increases to 9 months if the blow is over a .15, and you can be fined up to $2,000. Under certain circumstances you may be able to avoid some of these penalties by having the charges amended or the case dismissed. To find out what options are available to you, it is important that you talk to a qualified dui lawyer in Gibsonton who understands all of the laws and defenses associated with dui.
For your second Gibsonton DUI conviction, penalties become more severe with 10 days of mandatory jail time. There is the possibility of up serving up to a year. Your fine will be a minimum of $1000 and your license can be suspended for up to 5 years. The amount of jail you can be subjected to and the fine amountn will depend on the amount of time between arrests and your blow.
For your third Gibsonton DUI offense, the charge may be considered a third degree felony if it occurs within a 10 year period. The penalties for a third Dui conviction in ten years includes 30 days of mandatory jail time, a $4,000 minimum fine, as well as license suspension for 10 years. As it is considered a felony you may face up to five years of DOC Probation and/or five years in a Florida state prison.
A fourth Gibsonton DUI offense is always a third degree felony regardless of the amount of time between arrests. You can be sentenced to 5 years of prison and you will receive a lifetime license suspension.
When you hire a dui attorney in Gibsonton to represent you, experience is key. Dui is a specialized and technical part of the law. If you hire an attorney unfamiliar with the specific defenses available in a DUI case, you could end up spending a lot of time in jail and a lot of money. This can be avoided if you hire quality and experienced dui attorneys to build your defense.
An experienced Gibsonton DUI attorney will understand how to use scientific facts to build a solid defense. He or she can take into account all the facts in the case, not just the breathalyzer results, in order to prove that you were not impaired. The dui lawyer can also use this knowledge to file appropriate motions to ask the court to suppress evidence against you or to dismiss your case all together.
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