If you have been arrested in Leto, Florida for the offense of DUI in violation of Florida Statute 316.193, Finebllom, Haenel & Higgins can offer a serious and aggressive defense to your charge.

Convictions for dui carry penalties that are very costly to the individual. There are court costs, fines ranging from $500 to $4000, cost of probation supervision, costs for DUI school and drug treatment and costs associated with the suspension and reinstatement of your driving privilege. With each conviction the costs increase and the possibility of a jail sentence increases as well. If you have three or more dui convictions you can be labeled a convicted felon and lose civil rights such as the right to vote and carry a firearm. Dui convictions of any kind can also affect professional licenses and financial aid. By hiring our dui attorneys, Leto residents take the first step in avoiding unnecessary punishments.

When considering Leto dui lawyers, it is important to take into consideration the attorney’s availability and experience. Does the dui attorney have prior trial experience? Can the dui attorney explain the process in a way you understand? It is important to hire a dui lawyer in Leto who has the knowledge to prepare a proper defense, and also has the time and ability to properly explain the defense and all possible options to you.

At Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins we understand that a dui arrest can be overwhelming. Dealing with the court system is tiring and time consuming. An arrest can cause stress on jobs, relationships and school performance. Our Leto dui attorneys understand this. We offer a supportive environment for each client while presenting an aggressive and competent defense to the charge. We take the time to explain every option so that you can make the best decisions for you.

Our dui attorneys in Leto make every effort to prepare a defense that results in your best possible outcome. We explore every defense and every mitigating circumstance. We realize when it comes to dui lawyers Leto residents have many choices. That is why we strive to not only provide the best legal representation in the courtroom, but the best client support as well.

Let us show you how our compassionate yet aggressive representation can benefit you in your Leto dui. Call the law office of Finebloom, Haenel & Higginsn today at 813-200-4412. An attorney is available24.7 to explore options with you!