DUI with Property Damage

If you have been arrested in the Tampa area for Dui with Property Damage you will need aggressive representation. The attorneys at Finebloom, Haenel and Higgins can provide that representation for you.

What is DUI with Property Damage?

DUI with Property Damage is basically a DUI charge where an accident of some type has occurred. The accident does not have to be with another car. It can be a one car accident where you hit a fence or pole. To prove the crime of DUI with Property Damage the State must prove that you:

  • 1. Drove or were in actual physical control of a vehicle; and
  • 2. while driving or in actual physical control of the vehicle you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that your normal faculties were impaired; and
  • 3. that as a result of operating the vehicle you caused or contributed to causing damage to the property of another person.

So if the State can prove that someone else has damage to their car, home, mailbox, light pole, fence, or any other property because of you driving under the influence you can be found guilty of DUI with Property Damage.

Can I go to jail?

Yes. DUI with Property Damage is still a DUI charge. It is a first degree misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for DUI with Property Damage is one year in the county jail.

How much are the fines for a DUI With Property Damage?

If you are convicted of DUI with Property Damage, you face a fine of $1000 per count!! This means if you have been charged with more than one count of DUI with Property Damage (ie: you hit more than one car) you can face a fine of $1000 for each offense.

Will my license be suspended?

Yes. If you are convicted of DUI with Property Damage your license will be suspended. The amount of time the license will be suspended for depends on your breath alcohol level and also whether your DUI charge is a first, second or third offense. The minimum suspension is 6 months. The maximum suspension can be up to five years if it is a second Dui within a five year period.

What other penalties can I receive?

Probation is a mandatory condition for all DUI charges. You will also be court ordered to complete DUI school and any recommended substance abuse treatment. The court will most likely also order a victim impact panel and community service.


In addition, the Court may order restitution. Restitution is an amount of money ordered to the person whose property you damaged. The idea is that you should have to reimburse that person for money they paid to fix their property. However, sometimes people will try to ask for more money than they are entitled to. It is very important to have an attorney with experience in restitution hearings to represent you in these matters so you do not get overcharged!!!

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