Have you or someone you know been arrested in Largo and charged with DUI? If so you need to contact a Largo dui attorney immediately!! The Largo Police Department and the officials at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office are relentless in their pursuit to make dui arrests. You need a dui attorney in Largo who will be just as relentless in your defense.

Dui arrested are some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes. Dui crimes are seen as being highly dangerous and carry a huge social stigma. Many police and sheriff’s departments get special funding just to seek out and find possible impaired drivers. Even if you have possible defenses, or were not really impaired, you can still be arrested and charged. Because of this, you need a quality Largo dui lawyer looking out for you!

In order to see how much is at stake it is important to understand the possible penalties for a dui charge.

The minimum consequences for a first time Largo DUI are one year of probation, a $500 fine, 50 public service hours and court ordered DUI School. Your license will also be suspended for a period of at least six months!! That is the absolute minimum penalty. Without proper representation you could also face up to six months in the county jail!! If you blew over a .15 then the fine can increase to $1000 and you could face up to nine months in jail. All for a first offense!

If you have multiple Dui offenses, the penalties increase dramatically.

  • A second time DUI has a minimum fine of $1000. If your prior dui was within a five year period you must serve a mandatory 10 days in jail. The maximum sentence can be up to one year. Your license will be suspended for a minimum of one year. But if the prior dui was less than five years ago, your license will be suspended for FIVE YEARS!
  • A third DUI arrest can be charged as a felony, depending on the circumstances and time between arrests. This means you can face up to five years in prison. The fine can be up to $5000! If convicted for a third time dui, under some circumstances, your license can be suspended for up to TEN YEARS!!
  • A fourth DUI is always a felony carrying a maximum jail sentence of five years in prison. If you are convicted your license can be PERMENANTLY REVOKED!!

In addition to these consequences you will also have increased insurance costs, you may have problems obtaining or keeping some types of licenses, financial aid can be affected. If you are convicted of felony dui you can lose your right to vote, carry a firearm or even be forced out of some home associations!

As you can see a dui conviction is no laughing matter. It is expensive and can result in an extended jail stay. By consulting a qualified and experienced dui lawyer Largo residents take the first step in avoiding these potential consequences. The dui lawyer in Largo that you hire will investigate to see if there is a basis to have your case dismissed or reduced. They will challenge the Intoxilyzer result should there be one and if necessary will represent you at trial. If dismissal or reduction is not possible then the dui attorney will negotiate the best possible sentence for you. By hiring a dui attorney Largo arrestees take the first step in preserving their options when it comes to their dui case!

At Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins our dui attorneys dedicate their practice to dui defense. We have over 30 years combined experience in assisting clients with their dui charge. We will not rest until we achieve the best result for your unique situation. Our dui attorneys are available 24/7 to explain your options to you! Call us today at 813-200-4412.