Are you struggling to understand your Auberndale dui arrest? Don’t try to navigate the criminal justice system alone. Contact a dui attorney in Auberndale for help with your dui charge!

Florida’s dui laws are very strict. At the time of your arrest if you blew over a .08 at the time of your arrest your license will be suspended for a period of six months! This suspension occurs before you see a judge, enter plea or even get out of the jail! Dui arrests are serious matters and you need a serious Auberndale attorney to protect your rights!

How do you protect yourself against this suspension and any further penalties? By calling a dui lawyer in Aubderndale immediately to discuss your case!! By speaking with a dui lawyer Auberndale arrestees take the first step in protecting themselves against further dui sanctions. An Auberndale dui lawyer can explain all of your possible options and outcomes. Auberndale dui attorneys can also represent you at the administrative hearings that you will need to attend to protect your license privilege. An Auburndale dui lawyer can also explain further dui sanctions such as:

For a first time dui conviction the sentence must be 12 months probation to complete 50 hours of community service, dui school, alcohol counseling, 10 day impound of your vehicle and court costs. You must also pay a fine of at least $500 ($1000 if your blow was over a .15). Your license will be suspended for at least an additional six months over and above your administrative suspension, and if you blew a .15 or over you must also install an ignition interlock device on any car you drive. There is also the possibility that you can be sentenced to up to six months in the county jail (nine months if you blew over a .15).

The penalties only increase from that point. If you are convicted of a second time dui you can face a minimum mandatory jail sentence of ten days in the county jail and a five year driver’s license suspension. If you have a third dui the minimum mandatory jail time can be 30 days with a 10 year driver’s license suspension. If you have a fourth dui you can face up to five years in prison and your license will be revoked for life!!!

When you hire an experienced Auberndale dui attorney you take the first step in avoiding these harsh penalties. An experienced Auberndale dui attorney will discuss all available defense options including challenging the initial stop, challenging the investigation, challenging the breath test results and other possibilities that may be unique to your situation. But you won’t know what defense options you have available until you speak with a qualified dui attorney.

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