Fighting your Westchase DUI on your own? Let an experienced and aggressive Westchase dui lawyer fight your case for you! At the law offices of Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins we have quality dui lawyers Westchase residents can depend on for excellent representation!

When you hire a Westchase dui attorney, that dui attorney provides several services. The first is assisting with bond at first appearances so that you can get out of jail. The second way that a dui lawyer helps to fight your case is by obtaining records known as discovery. Discovery includes: videos, police reports and other papers and media that our kept by the State as evidence against you. Once the dui attorney obtains these materials, the dui attorney uses what is learned to fight your case.

There are many ways that an experienced dui attorney in Westchase can challenge your dui once discovery is obtained. One way is to challenge the reason you were stopped. When you hire a dui attorney that attorney may fin evidence that there was no valid reason for the officer to pull you over in the first place. If the stop is no good, it is possible that your case could be dismissed all together. But you won’t know if this is an option until you consult a dui attorney.

Another way dui attorneys in Westchase challenge your arrest is by challenging the breath tests. The State of Florida currently uses the Intoxilyzer 8000 as its breath testing machine. Over the past several years there have been challenges to the protocol used to obtain samples and the machine itself. You may have a valid defense if you have blown into the Intoxilyzer 8000, but you will not know unless you ask a dui attorney.

Of course the most important way dui attorneys in Westchase assist the client is by representing them at trial. When considering dui attorneys to represent you make sure the attorney has extensive trial experience. Dui charges re very technical and if the attorney is unfamiliar with the evidence that should be introduced in support of your case you could lose your case!

Of course not every case can be won or dismissed. But when you hire a Westchase dui lawyer the lawyer can help to find mitigating factors in an attempt to get you the best sentence possible. For a first time dui the most favorable sentence you can receive for a first time dui is:

  • 12 months probation
  • 50 public service hours
  • Dui School
  • Drug Evaluation
  • 10 day impoundment of the vehicle you were driving
  • An additional six month license suspension and
  • A $500 fine
  • If you blew over a .15 then the fine is increased to $1000
  • If you blew over a .15 you will also be required to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle for at least 6 months.

If you have more than one dui than the sanctions increase considerably and you should consult a dui attorney immediately!!

When you hire an experienced and knowledgeable dui attorney Westchase officials are put on notice. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors alike know the difference between an unrepresented or under-represented arrestee as opposed to that of the arrestee who has competent counsel. There is a difference in treatment!! When you hire a dui lawyer in Westchase that is known for their skill and expertise you take the first step in receiving a more favorable outcome. Call the law office of Finenbloom, Haenel & Higgins today at 813-200-4412 to discuss your options. We have dui attorneys available 24/7 to speak with you. Let us help you today!