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Multiple DUI Arrests In Tampa, Florida

One DUI is trouble but if you have been arrested for a second, third or even a fourth DUI, the stakes are even higher. It is vital you contact our attorneys if you are facing charges stemming from multiple arrests for drunk driving.

DUI Lawyer AnnMarie Rizzo Appeared on ABC – Siesta Key Jogger dies after being hit by drunk driver

DUI Defense Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo appeared in a news story on ABC.

DUI Lawyer AnneMarie Rizzo Appears on Fox News – Sarasota & Manatee County Line Dispute

DUI Defense Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo Appeared in a news story on Fox 13 News.

Orlando DUI Lawyer – What are the DUI Field Sobriety Tests? – DUI Defenses

Orlando DUI Attorney Darren Finbloom discusses the different types of Field Sobriety Tests that police officers use to test for impairment when investigating a DUI.

Orlando DUI Attorney – To Blow or Not to Blow – Should You Take a Breathe Test

Orlando DUI Lawyer Darren Finebloom Discusses the issues surrounding breath tests during a DUI investigation. One of the questions we get over and over is “Should I take a Breath Test?”

DUI Lawyer in Orlando – Intoxilyzer 8000 DUI Breath Test Machine

Orlando DUI Defense Lawyer David Haenel Discusses information about the Intoxilyzer 8000, the machine they use in the state of Florida to administer breath tests to individuals under investigation for DUI.

Orlando DUI Lawyers – Out of State Drivers – Challenging your license suspension

DUI Lawyer in Orlando – Getting Your License Back After a DUI in Orlando

DUI Attorney in Orlando – Non Arrest DUI Case – Charged with DUI after an accident

Orlando DUI Attorney – Challenging your license suspension after a DUI in Orlando

Orlando DUI Attorney – Reinstating your license after a DUI in Orlando

Orlando DUI Lawyers – Legal Defenses to a DUI Charge in Orlando

DUI Attorneys in Orlando – Getting a Hardship License after a DUI

Orlando DUI Lawyer – Felony DUI Charge – What is a felony DUI

DUI Checkpoints in Florida – DUI Lawyer AnneMarie Rizzo explains DUI Checkpoints

DUI with Serious Bodil Injury – DUI Defense Lawyer in Orlando

Orlando DUI – Administrative Review Hearing to challenge your license suspension

Orlando DUI Attorney – .02 Violation – Underage DUI – Administrative License suspension

Can you get your license back after a DUI?

Orlando DUI Lawyer – Fighting your DUI charge!

Orlando DUI Lawyer – Defenses to a DUI Charge in Florida

DUI Lawyer in Orlando – DUI with a Commercial Drivers License – CDL DUI

DUI License Suspension – Challenging your License Suspension after a DUI

Orlando DUI Lawyer – David Haenel author of the “Florida DUI Survival Guide”

Orlando DUI Defense Attorney – Challenging your DUI Charge – Unlawful Traffic Stop

Orlando DUI Lawyer – DUI Manslaughter – Felony DUI

DUI Under the Age of 21 – Underage DUI – DUI Under 21 – Orlando DUI Lawyer

DUI Information – Driving Under the Influence – DUI Lawyer AnneMarie Rizzo is Explains DUI Charges

Orlando DUI Lawyer – Out of State Drivers – DUI While Visiting Florida

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